CE Holdings acquires select recycling assets of FCR from Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWST)

Harvey & Company initiated and invested in the acquisition of FCR. Below is the press release following the transaction:

Pegasus Capital, LLC and Intersection LLC in Partnership with MissionPoint Capital Partners LLC, HarbourVest Partners LLC, and Ares Capital Corporation Have Formed CE Holdings to Acquire FCR

March 24, 2011

New York, NY – Pegasus Capital, LLC, an affiliate of Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., and Intersection LLC announced today that CE Holdings, a new company formed in partnership with MissionPoint Capital Partners LLC, HarbourVest Partners LLC, and Ares Capital Corporation, has reached a definitive agreement with Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWST), a regional solid waste, recycling and resource management company, to acquire select recycling assets of FCR. CE Holdings will serve as a strategic platform focused on the recovery of waste and community resources, and transforming refuse into value-added recycled products. Leveraging the assets and intellectual property purchased from Casella, CE Holdings intends to build a market-leading company that recovers valuable commodities from the waste stream and converts them into useful products including recycled commodities, low-carbon energy, engineered feedstock, bio-fuels and other value-added recycled products. The company will help empower communities to use their own resources to generate revenue to create new jobs, fund budget short falls, and reduce their carbon footprint. As part of the acquisition, CE Holdings will secure ground-breaking intellectual property which includes patents and publications related to the use of optical sorting for material characterization in recycling streams, Material Recovery Facility (MRF) automation, and the production of engineered feedstock from a waste stream. In the future, this technology will allow CE Holdings to take full waste streams, separate recyclables, and transform remaining waste into marketable products. “Looking forward, we have the chance to revolutionize the waste management and recycling industry,” said Jim Bohlig, CE Holding’s CEO. “The ability to accept full waste streams and engineer valuable products from refuse will change the way we all think about waste.” FCR’s current senior management team will continue to run operations post-acquisition. They are market-leading executives with the expertise and experience to provide holistic and customized solutions for communities nationally. Presently, FCR designs, builds and operates material recovery centers to service the recycling needs of municipal and hauling partners across the Eastern United States. They operate 18 facilities in nine states, recovering and returning to market nearly one million tons of recovered commodities each year. The facilities have a strong track record of developing sustainable, long-term private-public partnerships with the communities they serve. “The opportunity to positively impact the communities we serve is the reason we exist,” said Sean Duffy, the President and Chief Operating Officer of CE Holdings. “We see the future of America’s communities as clean, independent, resilient, and maximizing the use of their own resources. Our team is energized and focused on serving our communities with a combination of innovative technology and 25 years of experience.” “CE Holdings is the latest demonstration of our commitment to developing successful companies and technologies that address the real issues of scarce resources facing our economy,” said Craig Cogut, Managing Partner and founder of Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., who will serve as Chairman of the new Company. “This acquisition will allow us to build on an exceptional management team and solid business fundamentals. We look forward to working together with them and all of our talented partners at Intersection, MissionPoint, HarbourVest and Ares to take greater advantage of truly dramatic IP to significantly transform not only how America collects and utilizes waste, but how our country views its potential.” The group of investors, led by Pegasus Capital Advisors and MissionPoint Capital Partners will actively support the company and provide access to a significant amount of capital to facilitate the company’s growth strategy. In addition to Pegasus and MissionPoint, HarbourVest Partners LLC, and Ares Capital Corporation, provided capital to complete the deal. About Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P. Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P. is a U.S.-based private equity fund manager that provides creative capital and strategic solutions to middle market companies across a variety of industries. The firm creates values from buying right and building businesses over time. Established in 1995, Pegasus currently manages approximately $2.0 billion in assets through several private equity funds and has made more than 80 investments since its inception, generating very attractive risk adjusted returns. The firm employs over 60 uniquely talented investment and advisory professionals that work out of main offices in Cos Cob, CT and New York, NY, as well as several satellite locations. More information on Pegasus can be found at www.pcalp.com. About Intersection, LLC The CE Holding opportunity and strategy was identified and developed by Intersection. Intersection is a unique business development

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