Lotus Beverage Alliance

Status: Current
Initial Investment: August 2022
Location: Lincoln, NE
Investment Type: Majority Recapitalization
Investment Industry: Distribution

Lotus Beverage Alliance is a provider of end-to-end craft brewery and beverage equipment solutions, providing over 1,500 products and services including canning systems, automation and control systems, turnkey brewhouse construction, packaging, thermal processes, tanks, and sanitation equipment to beer, wine, spirits, ready-to-drink cocktail, and kombucha sectors. Lotus was formed through the simultaneous merger of six companies including Alpha Brewing Operations, GW Kent, Twin Monkeys, Stout Tanks & Kettles, Brewmation, and Automated Extractions. Lotus serves an international customer base and operates out of locations within Nebraska, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon, and New York.

In partnership with an east coast private equity firm, Harvey & Company supported a focused platform investment strategy within the beverage equipment and services niche. Harvey and Company identified six companies that, when merged, would create the only “one stop shop” in North America that covers every step of craft brewery and beverage production.

Founders and management of the original six companies hold a double-digit ownership percentage in Lotus and form the bulk of senior management, remaining actively involved to support the company capture transformational growth.

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