Southern Waste Services, Inc.

Status: Past
Initial Investment: December 2007
Location: Panama City, FL
Investment Type: Recapitalization
Investment Industry: Environmental

Harvey & Company initiated and participated in a recapitalization of Florida-based Southern Waste Services, Inc. (“SWS”), a leading provider of emergency response and environmental cleanup services. With over 150 employees and 16 service centers in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee at the time of acquisition, SWS was capable of handling emergencies from a variety of industries ranging from trucking companies, chemical manufacturers, petroleum companies, airlines, railroads and government agencies. Harvey & Company partnered with a Midwest-based private equity fund in the investment allowing SWS’s CEO partial liquidity, a significant ongoing ownership stake, and operating control of the business going forward. The transaction also enabled non-active shareholders of the family-owned company to obtain full liquidity.

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