Harvey & Company initiates the Recapitalization of ALL Holding Company, LLC

Harvey & Company initiated and participated in the recapitalization of ALL Holding Company, LLC (“AHC”).  WAHC is a manufacturer of fresh and processed pork and turkey product with facilities located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Initially formed through the 2008 merger of two family-owned protein processing companies (Alderfer and Leidy’s), AHC serves the retail, co-pack, food service, and further processor markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.


Aided by its close relationships with local family farms which supply antibiotic-free and conventional hogs, AHC is poised to meet growing consumer demand for healthier meat products while simultaneously improving animal welfare standards through vegetarian and stress-free, humane living conditions.


In partnership with Jim Van Stone and other key members of the management team, Harvey & Company and a private equity group made an investment which provided liquidity for shareholders and strategic capital to usher in the company’s next phase of growth. The partners plan to build upon AHC’s reputation as a leader in its space and grow the company more rapidly through both organic and complementary add-on acquisitions.

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