DISA Global Solutions is a provider of technology-enabled workplace safety and compliance solutions. DISA focuses on certifying employees in safety-sensitive and labor-intensive industries, in addition to helping companies globally in making more informed staffing decisions.

DISA was acquired by a New York–based private equity fund who retained Harvey & Company to assist in expanding DISA’s service offerings and market reach through an acquisition strategy. To date, Harvey & Company has initiated 21 add-on acquisitions and continues to assist DISA in its industry consolidation strategy across several fronts.


Categories of targets approached:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Background Screening

  • Occupational Medicine

  • Transportation Compliance



Through its numerous acquisitions, DISA has established itself as a leading provider of workplace safety and compliance services. The 21 acquisitions initiated by Harvey & Company helped diversify DISA’s energy- focused service offerings to become a major player in the transportation compliance market. These acquisitions also expanded DISA’s capabilities and geographic footprint, strengthened their presence in new and existing  end-markets, and established new customer relationships.

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