The CEO’s Conduit to Private Equity and Deal Flow

Industry Partner Process

HarveyCEO is a partner to a diverse array of private equity firms that actively pursue an executive-focused approach when pursuing new investment themes. The HarveyCEO process is outlined below:

Establish Executive Track Record

In depth review of executive background. Characteristics of our executive partners include:

  • A demonstrated track record of P&L responsibility and substantial shareholder value creation
  • The ability to develop and define strategic vision for opportunity and an industry that closely relates to the executive’s background and success
  • Experience leading and integrating acquisitions
  • The ability to assemble an exceptional management team
  • Strong character and personal attributes

Strategy Development & Validation

HarveyCEO collaborates with the executive to develop, validate and document the investment strategy for presentation to private equity firms.

Capital Partner Formation

HarveyCEO efficiently recommends fund partners who best fit the specific investment strategy. This is accomplished by taking in to account industry, size of platform targeted and fund track record of supporting executives to invest in new platforms. Investors range in size from $50 million to $10+ billion and typically seek to invest $10 million to $500 million of equity behind proven executives.

Transaction Origination & Evaluation

Once the private equity backing is secured, the appropriate business development team from Harvey & Company will work with the executive and the private equity sponsor to research, approach and evaluate all potential companies within the target universe, generating a steady stream of new investment opportunities.

Acquisition of Platform Company

Post-acquisition close, the executive will step in to a key role at the company (Chairman or CEO) to implement the investment thesis.

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