Applied Tech, LLC (Sussex Technology, Inc.)

Status: Past
Initial Investment: October 1997
Location: Stratford, CT
Investment Type: Build-Up
Investment Industry: Medical

Applied Tech Products (“ATP”) was formed by Harvey & Company, an East Coast-based private equity fund, and industry executive Ray Langton to build a contract manufacturer of plastic and rubber products and assemblies. The private equity fund committed $54 million of equity capital to fund the strategy. Presently, ATP has revenues in excess of $110 million. Its strategy is to provide complete manufacturing and value-added solutions to OEMs in the health and beauty care, and medical markets. In February 2004, Applied Tech sold ATP Automotive, which was comprised of Michigan Rubber Products and WEK Industries. Harvey & Company identified the industry opportunity, initiated the partnership between the private equity fund and CEO Ray Langton, and initiated 8 of ATP’s 11 acquisitions: Sussex Technology, Michigan Rubber Products, AK Rubber Products, Apollo Packaging, Tri-Molded Plastics, Modern Plastic Technics, Nadel Industries, and UPT.

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