Axygen Scientific, Inc.

Status: Past
Initial Investment: April 2003
Location: Union City, CA
Investment Type: Recapitalization
Investment Industry: Life Sciences

Harvey & Company initiated and participated in the recapitalization of Axygen Scientific based in Union City, CA. Axygen is a leading designer and manufacturer of proprietary laboratory products serving the drug discovery and in-vitro diagnostic end-markets. The recapitalization allowed the founder CEO to gain liquidity while retaining a significant ownership interest for a “second bite of the apple.” Furthermore, by providing capital to fund expanded product development efforts, open new facilities, purchase equipment, and pursue an aggressive acquisition strategy, the transaction has enabled Axygen to enjoy even more rapid growth post transaction. Harvey & Company spearheaded the add-on acquisition campaign, which resulted in the closing of four add-ons: Labnet International in March 2004, Qualitron in August 2004, V-Gene in October 2004, and HTL in February 2005. In September 2006, Axygen Scientific was sold in a recapitalization transaction that generated a significant return for all shareholders. The founder continues in his role as CEO with a significant equity interest following the two very sizeable personal liquidity events described above.

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