Chan & Chan, Inc.

Status: Current
Initial Investment: October 2023
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Investment Type: Platform
Investment Industry: Food & Beverage

Based in Brooklyn, NY and Bethlehem, PA, Prime Food Processing and Chan & Chan (“CCI Prime”) is a 30+ year-old, manufacturer and importer of brand name Chinese and Asian-style products including Chinese sausages, dumplings, and other Asian products. Today, CCI Prime’s products are primarily sold through specialty ethnic grocery stores across the United States. The Chan & Chan and Prime Foods brands have garnered respect for producing authentic dishes to consumers nationwide.

In 2023, Harvey & Company initiated the recapitalization of CCI Prime in partnership with a Midwest-based private equity firm and industry veteran, Howard Eirinberg. Together with President and Founder Albert Chan, CCI Prime plans to continue to expand its offerings in the Asian cuisine category by introducing authentic dishes to its core ethnic retail customers, as well as expanding into mainstream channels.

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