FDS, Inc. (RxInnovation)

Status: Past
Initial Investment: August 2011
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Website: www.fdsrx.com
Investment Type: CEO-Led Buyout
Investment Industry: Healthcare Services

Harvey & Company initiated the acquisition of FDS, Inc. in partnership with an East Coast-based private equity fund. FDS is a leading provider of software products and pharmaceutical data services to more than 10,000 independent pharmacies including those that are members of the largest group purchasing organizations in the U.S. FDS offers a balanced suite of software and data solutions that help manage, analyze and optimize pharmacy operations and transactions, as well as actionable behavioral and market oriented data services that help reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes and increase prescription drug sales. The Company’s applications include medical billing, reconciliation, patient engagement, and business intelligence that enable the New Era Pharmacy. In partnership with one of Harvey & Company’s private equity partners, a transaction was structured to provide liquidity for retiring owners that wished to exit from the business.

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