Gevity HR, Inc.

Status: Past
Initial Investment: June 2003
Location: Bradenton, FL
Investment Type: Minority Investment
Investment Industry: Business Services

Gevity HR is the nation’s leading provider of outsourced human capital management solutions that help businesses find, develop, and manage their people, retain their best employees, manage the paperwork, and protect their businesses. These services are provided through specific offerings, such as recruiting assistance, training, benefits administration, payroll processing, and related paperwork management and regulatory compliance. Through its long relationship with Gevity’s CEO, Erik Vonk, Harvey & Company initiated a $30 million, minority, non-control investment in the publicly traded company by a Chicago-based equity fund. The investment provided capital to acquire stock from a significant shareholder and to support the company’s growth. In 2004 and 2005 the investment was sold in two highly successful secondary offerings.

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