Status: Current
Initial Investment: November 2023
Location: Novi, MI
Investment Type: Platform
Investment Industry: Distribution

HESCO, based outside of Detroit, is a product supplier and service provider to the municipal and industrial water & wastewater industry, offering chemical feed systems, specialty valves, process control, and instrumentation. The company was founded in 1972 and provides industry-leading technology and cutting-edge environmental solutions throughout Michigan.

Harvey & Company initiated and invested in the majority recapitalization of HESCO by a Midwest-based private equity firm in 2023 after an extensive evaluation of the water & wastewater industry in the region. Ultimately, HESCO was selected to serve as the platform investment based on its market position, outstanding leadership, and technical expertise in water and wastewater solutions. In partnership with CEO Kevin Livingston and Vice President Glenn Hummel, HESCO intends to expand their product supply and service offerings to a broader range of municipalities and private water providers. Investments in infrastructure, systems, and people will set the stage for continued growth through organic and acquisition-driven means.

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