Electron Microscopy Sciences

Status: Current
Initial Investment: December 2020
Investment Type: Recapitalization
Investment Industry: Distribution

Electron Microscopy Sciences is a leading manufacturer and distributor of lab consumables and equipment for the microscopy and lab research markets. EMS manufactures an extensive line of R&D chemicals, such as fixatives, dyes, reagents, and mounting media, as well as sample handling instruments and equipment used in over 3,500 clinical research facilities across the United States. Additionally, the Company’s EMS Packaging division provides lab-scale contract manufacturing services to help its client-partners develop R&D chemicals that meet their most challenging requirements, as well as pre-commercialization finished dermatological products. Headquartered in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, EMS has developed over 110 years of experience serving over 25,000 client-partners in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and education markets.

Through a proactive effort in the lab consumables sector, Harvey & Company identified EMS as a premier platform for further growth and acquisition. After initiating the acquisition of EMS in December 2020, Harvey & Company continues to drive the add-on acquisition strategy.

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