MasVida Health Care Solutions, LLC

Status: Current
Initial Investment: January 2023
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Investment Type: Majority Recapitalization
Investment Industry: Healthcare Services

In 2023, Harvey & Company initiated the majority recapitalization of MasVida Health Care Solutions by a Midwest-based private equity firm.  MasVida is a full-service provider of durable medical equipment, oxygen equipment and services, and consumable medical products to post-acute skilled nursing facilities. At the time of investment, MasVida was the largest provider of DME solutions to skilled nursing facilities in Texas serving over 800 skilled nursing facilities throughout the state. MasVida is HQAA accredited and has delivered quality equipment and products to its customers for over 25 years.

MasVida was on a path of high growth across its Texas footprint.  It was also at an inflection point where additional capital was critical to fuel incremental growth in the business.  When the family that owned MasVida was considering the possibility of an investment, it was highly important to them to pursue a partnership scenario where the existing management team would have key roles in the organization going forward. Harvey & Company presented a unique, growth-driven opportunity alongside a healthcare-oriented private equity partner.

MasVida’s Chief Executive Officer remains invested in the business alongside the private equity partner.  He will continue in his role leading the company alongside the high-caliber management team.

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