OMNI Energy Services Corp.

Initial Investment: November 2010
Location: Carenco, LA
Investment Type: CEO-Led Take-Private
Investment Industry: Energy

Harvey & Company initiated the partnership between a $1 billion East Coast-based private equity fund and Brian Recatto to pursue the management buyout of OMNI Energy Services Corp. (NASDAQ: OMNI), which closed in October 2010. OMNI is an integrated oilfield service company specializing in providing a range of (i) onshore seismic drilling, operational support, permitting, and survey services; (ii) dock-side and offshore hazardous and non-hazardous oilfield waste management and environmental cleaning services, drilling fluid transportation and disposal services; other specialized services such as metal stress relieving, environmental pit cleaning, wellhead preheating and wellhead installation and (iii) oilfield equipment rental, for oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico, the Rocky Mountain region and prolific shale regions in the South Central United States.

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