Young Consulting, Inc.

Status: Current
Initial Investment: May 2023
Location: Atlanta, GA
Investment Type: Platform
Investment Industry: Financial Services

In 2023, Harvey & Company initiated the majority recapitalization of  Young Consulting, Inc. (DBA ConnectSure) by a Midwest-based private equity firm. ConnectSure is a provider of medical stop loss administration and underwriting software for carriers, brokers, and third-party administrators across the United States.

Harvey & Company was originally engaged to conduct a new platform acquisition search of software providers that served insurance companies in the broader stop-loss and self-funded ecosystem. The firm developed a universe of acquisition targets that leveraged our partners’ prior investment experience in tangential industries.  When Harvey & Company initially connected with the founder in 2021, ConnectSure was on a path of strong growth and the founder had no capital constraints and had never received any outside funding or investments. Harvey & Company introduced the founder to a private equity firm with relevant investment experience in the broader self-funded medical space and a strong track record of partnering with family and founder-owned businesses. This was a highly strategic acquisition with the other portfolio companies of the private equity firm and has put the company in a strong position to confidently pursue their continued growth.

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