Superior Talent for Sponsors to Enable Capital Deployment


For private equity groups that are currently pursuing a specific deal or are planning to pursue a target in the near-term and want to surround themselves with executives that can help build credibility and facilitate smart decisions.

  • All projects start with our robust network of executive relationships that we’ve built and fostered for 20+ years
  • HarveyCEO hand selects executives throughout the engagement to fit the evolving needs of the opportunity
  • Executive relationships consist mostly of current and former CEOs that enjoy working on transactions and can provide guidance in the deal evaluation and diligence stages
  • Very accomplished executives who were originally screened as potential “backable” PE executives
  • Senior managers are deeply connected within their respective industries that can provide advice for very specific questions, and provide access to their network of strategic relationships such as suppliers, channel partners, customers, and talent
  • Executives can continue to add value post-close serving as CEOs, Chairmen, or Directors throughout the life of the investment

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